Texas Roadhouse Family Meals

Texas Roadhouse Family Meals (2024)

Texas Roadhouse Family Meals

Texas Roadhouse Family Meals Menu Prices

Texas Roadhouse Family Meals are known for their ample portions, ensuring that everyone at the table can enjoy a hearty and satisfying meal. These meals are a convenient option for families, as they eliminate the need to cook and provide an alternative to dining out at the restaurant. You can enjoy the Texas Roadhouse experience in the comfort of your own home.

texas roadhouse family meals
#texas roadhouse family meals

Texas Roadhouse offers a range of family meals, allowing you to choose from different combinations of meats, sides, and other dishes to suit your family’s preferences. Family meals often provide cost savings compared to ordering individual entrees for each family member.

Texas Roadhouse Family Lunch Menu Pork Chops

There are several cheap meals available at Texas Roadhouse, but the Family Sized Pork Chops which only cost $29.99 are the most economical. When you select this deal instead of purchasing each item separately, you will save an incredible 62.1%. The top five incredible Texas Roadhouse lunch specials are as follows:

Texas Roadhouse Family Lunch Menu Pork Chops
#texas roadhouse family meals
Pork Chops$29.9962.1%
Chicken Fritters$39.9954.9%
BBQ Chicken$39.9949.5%

Popular Texas Roadhouse Family Meals

Here are some of the popular family meal options you can find at Texas Roadhouse:

Prime Rib Family Meal

This option typically includes a generous portion of Texas Roadhouse’s signature slow-cooked prime rib, along with sides like salad and rolls, and your choice of additional sides like baked potatoes and vegetables.

Texas Roadhouse Lunch Prime Rib Family Meal
#Texas Roadhouse Lunch
ItemRegular Price Range
Ribs$49.99 – $59.99
3 – 4 Half Slabs of Ribs$16.99 each
Family-sized Salad$12.49
Two 16-ounce Sides or Four Individual Sides$11.96

Steak Family Meal

The Steak Family Meal usually features a selection of steak cuts, such as sirloin or ribeye, served with sides like salad, rolls, and a choice of hearty side dishes.

Texas Roadhouse 8-Ounce Steaks (reg. $59.99)

If you were to buy each dish on its own, it would set you back $95.13 per dish. But by selecting the family meal, you’re entitled to a savings of 36.9%.

ItemRegular Price
8-Ounce Steaks$59.99
Four 8-ounce Steaks (cooked medium)$16.49 each
Family-sized Salad$12.49
Two 16-Ounce Sides$11.96

BBQ Family Pack

The BBQ Family Pack is a great choice for barbecue enthusiasts. It might include a variety of barbecued meats, like ribs, pulled pork, or chicken, along with traditional barbecue sides.

Texas Roadhouse Cheeseburgers

The entire cost, if you were to purchase each dish separately, would be $71.13. Nonetheless, you may save 50.8% if you select the family lunch.

Texas Roadhouse Family Meal  Cheeseburgers 
#Texas Roadhouse Family Meal Cheeseburgers
ItemRegular Price
Four Half-Pound Cheeseburgers$10.49 each
Family-sized Salad$12.49
Two 16-Ounce Sides$11.96

Texas Roadhouse Beef Tips

The total cost of all the dishes, if purchased separately, would be $56.15. Nonetheless, you may save 19.9% if you get the family dinner.

Texas Roadhouse Family Meal  Beef Tips
#Texas Roadhouse Family Meal Beef Tips
ItemRegular Price
Two Pounds of Steak with Sauteed Mushrooms, Onions, Brown Gravy, and Sour Cream$13.49 each
Family-sized Salad$12.49
Four Individual Sides$11.96

Country Fried Chicken Family Meal

This option typically includes a family-sized portion of Texas Roadhouse’s delicious country-fried chicken, served with sides like mashed potatoes, gravy, and corn.

The total cost if you were to purchase BBQ chicken individually would be $79.13. Nonetheless, you may save 49.5% if you select the family lunch.

Texas Roadhouse Family Meal Country Fried Chicken
#Texas Roadhouse Family Meal Country Fried Chicken
ItemRegular Price
4 Marinated Chicken Breasts$12.49 each
Family-sized Salad$12.49
Two 16-oz. sides$11.96

Combination Family Meal

If your family enjoys variety, the Combination Family Meal often offers a mix of different proteins, sides, and rolls, allowing everyone to choose their favourites.

Why choose Texas Roadhouse Family Meals?

There are numerous reasons why Texas Roadhouse Family Meals stand out from the crowd:

Texas Roadhouse Family Meals for Just $35

If you’re looking for a delicious and budget-friendly dining option for your family, Texas Roadhouse has you covered with their enticing family meals for just $35. These family-sized feasts offer a fantastic way to enjoy the mouthwatering flavours of Texas Roadhouse without breaking the bank.

Let’s dive into the details of these affordable family meals, what’s included, and how you can make the most of this value-packed dining experience.

Texas Roadhouse Family Meals for Just $35
#Texas Roadhouse Family Meals for Just $35

Texas Roadhouse Ribs

The cost of a single Texas Roadhouse Rib varies from $80.14 to $97.13 if you want to purchase them separately. However, you may save between 37.6% and 38.2% if you choose the family lunch. This is a significant savings over purchasing them individually!

Texas Roadhouse Family Meals ribs
#Texas Roadhouse Family Meals ribs
ItemRegular Price Range
Ribs$49.99 – $59.99
3 – 4 Half Slabs of Ribs$16.99 each
Family-sized Salad$12.49
Two 16-ounce Sides or Four Individual Sides$11.96

What’s in a Texas Roadhouse Family Meal?

Texas Roadhouse’s family meals, priced at $35, offer a delectable selection that’s sure to please everyone at the table. While the menu items may vary by location and availability, here’s a typical offering you might find:

1. Choice of Entree

The heart of your family meal is an enticing choice of entree, often featuring a generously portioned main dish. Options may include fall-off-the-bone ribs, tender and flavorful chicken, or succulent hand-cut steaks.

2. Two Side Dishes

Alongside the main entree, you can typically select two side dishes from a variety of options. These sides range from buttery mashed potatoes and crispy fries to fresh vegetables and house-made chilli.

3. Fresh-Baked Rolls with Honey Cinnamon Butter

No Texas Roadhouse dining experience is complete without their famous fresh-baked rolls served with a side of indulgent honey and cinnamon butter.

4. Salad

Many family meals also include a crisp and refreshing salad to start your meal off right. It’s a perfect accompaniment to the savoury entree.

5. Additional Condiments and Toppings

You’ll receive an array of condiments, dressings, and toppings to enhance your family meal. These may include barbecue sauce, sour cream, and grated cheese.

Texas Roadhouse Family Meal Deals

If you’re looking for a dining experience that combines delicious food and value for your family, Texas Roadhouse’s family meal deals are a fantastic choice. In this article, we’ll explore the tempting family meal deals offered by Texas Roadhouse, providing you with all the details you need to enjoy a hearty meal while saving on your dining-out experience.

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Texas Roadhouse Family Meal Deals: What’s on the Menu?

Texas Roadhouse is renowned for its mouthwatering steaks, but their family meal deals extend beyond just steaks. These deals are designed to cater to the preferences of various family members. Here are some popular options:

1. Family Packs

  • Texas Roadhouse’s Family Packs typically include a combination of entrees and sides, providing a complete meal for a family. Some options may include steak, chicken, or a variety of both, along with sides like salad, fresh-baked rolls, and hearty servings of seasoned fries.
  • Family packs are perfect for families with diverse tastes, ensuring everyone gets their favourite dishes.

2. Kids’ Meals

  • Texas Roadhouse offers kid-friendly meals that often come with a choice of a main course, like chicken tenders or a cheeseburger, a side, and a kidsized drink.
  • Kids’ meals are a great option for families dining with little ones, ensuring they have a meal tailored to their preferences.

3. To-Go Orders

  • Texas Roadhouse also allows you to order familysized portions of their famous handcut steaks and other dishes for takeout. You can enjoy the Texas Roadhouse experience in the comfort of your own home.
  • To-go orders are a convenient way to savour the flavours of Texas Roadhouse while spending quality time with your family at home.

Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs

Texas Roadhouse Family Meals
#Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs

Indulge in a full rack of tender, slow-cooked ribs slathered in your choice of mouthwatering sauce.

Flavorful Steaks

Texas Roadhouse Family Meals
#Flavorful Steaks

Treat yourself to thick and juicy steaks grilled to your desired level of perfection.

Grilled Chicken

Texas Roadhouse Family Meals
#Grilled Chicken

The family meal offers a delicious and protein-packed alternative to leaner options.

Sides That Complement Your Feast

The family meal has various delectable sides to accompany the main course. Texas Roadhouse doesn’t disappoint in this department either. Enjoy:

Buttery Corn

Texas Roadhouse Family Meals
#Buttery Corn

Sweet corn is seasoned with a hint of butter, adding flavour to your meal.

loaded Mashed Potatoes

Texas Roadhouse Family Meals
#loaded Mashed Potatoes

The creamy mashed potatoes ended with cheese, bacon, and green onions, a delight.

Fresh Salads

Texas Roadhouse Family Meals
#Fresh Salads

Add a refreshing touch to your meal with crisp and vibrant salads that perfectly balance the richness of the main dishes.

The Texas Roadhouse Experience at Your Table

Bringing the Texas Roadhouse experience to your dining room has always been challenging. With their family meals, you can recreate the ambience and flavours of this renowned restaurant in the comfort of your home. Whether it’s a family gathering, a cosy dinner for two, or a celebration, these meals turn any occasion into a memorable culinary event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I customise the family meals to accommodate dietary preferences?

A: Absolutely! Texas Roadhouse offers options for customisation, ensuring everyone’s tastes are catered to.

Q: Are the family meals suitable for large gatherings?

A: These meals are designed to serve groups of various sizes, making them perfect for gatherings.

Q: How do I order a Texas Roadhouse family meal?

You can conveniently place your order through their website or by contacting your nearest Texas Roadhouse location.

Q: Are the family meals affordably priced?

Texas Roadhouse is committed to providing value for your money, and its family meals offer a cost-effective dining option.

Q: Can I order family meals for takeout or delivery?

Absolutely. These meals are available for both takeout and delivery, adding an extra layer of convenience.

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